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scil Vet abc Plus+

In House Hematology for your Veterinary Clinic
The scil Vet abc Plus+ hematology analyzer's space saving, self-contained reagent pack, and easy to use touch screen makes it the perfect addition to any Veterinary clinic looking to add an in house lab. Getting CBC results has never been quicker or easier.

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The scil Vet abc Plus+ is easy and simple to use. With one push of the sample bar, the patient sample is aspirated and complete result are printed in only 60 second:
Just three steps to get a result!
  • Select species abd enter patient ID
  • Add EDTA sample and push start button
  • Read the results, and you can focus on the results not on the handling!
  • New & Improved Features!
  • No sample prep!
  • Additional Parameters
  • 9 pre-programmed species
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