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ALFA - 300

Clinical chemistry analyzer
Ease of use, graphical Software Interface

Reagents management status screen with realtime monitoring

Full patient demographic overview

Automatic sample dilution

A complete dedicated reagent line with calibrators and controls

Desktop model

Throughput: 270 tests per hour

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  • Desktop fully automated random access analyzer
  • General chemistry as photometric assay
  • Immunology as photometric assay
  • Ion Selective Electrodes as photometric assay (optional)
  • Assay type: end point, 2 point end, rate, 2 point rate and electrolytes
  • 270 photometric tests per hour ( Up to 400 testes per hour with ISE)
  • Incubation Time:-
    • Ten minutes after applying sample for one reagent assay
    • Five minutes after applying second reagent assay
  • Sample type:-
    • Serum, Plasma and urine.
    • CSF for glucose and protine.
    • Whole blood for HbA1c
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