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The CLOVER A1c System is a fully automated boronate affinity assay for the determination of the percentage of hemoglobin A1c ( HbA1c %) in human whole blood.

The CLOVER A1c test catridge is composed od a catridge and reagent pack containing the reagents necessary for the determination of hemoglobin A1c, with a collection leg blood sample collection.

The Reagent Pack is pre-filled with reaction solution contains agents that lyse erythrocytes and bind hemoglobin specifically, as well as a boronate resin that binds cis-diols of glycat-ed hemoglobin.

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  • Fully Automatic
  • Boronate Affinity
  • Spectrophotometry
  • 4 ml Blood sample
  • Test result in 5 minutes

Features & Benefits

  • Measures the HbA1c(Hemoglobin A1c) and gets the average glucose level for the recent 2~3 months
  • A more accurate data than previous measuring systems, makes a more convenient glucose control
  • A one step measuring system has overcome the complicated hospital measuring equipments
  • Developed to be portable/home care system, measuring economically
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