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Point of Care

  • Breath Tests Substrates
    13C Urea Breath Test

    89 samples measurable,
    throughput of ca. 20 samples per hour
  • Breath Tests Substrates
    13CO2 Urea Breath Analyzer

    Infrared Spectral Analyzer
    measures carbon isotope ratio
  • CLOVER A1c
    For measuring HbA1c

    Fully Automatic
    Boronate Affinity
    Quantitative Immunoassay

    Point of care Testing
    Multiple biomarker assays
  • AHN pipet4u
    Digital-SC Micropipettors

    Fully autoclavable single channel pipettors
  • FREND System
    Vitamin D , TSH / Free T4

    Affordable and accurate Immunoassay analyzer
  • About Us

    Medical Echo established in 2003, is a leading distribution company in UAE supplying a comprehensive range of medical and laboratory products from over 20 multinational companies in the healthcare field.

medical echo

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P.O.Box: 49397, Dubai, U.A.E.