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ALFA - 600

High speed benchtop clinical chemistry analyzer
Ease of use:

  • Removable sample and reagent carousel
  • Removable panel for continues loading of samples
Safe operations:
  • Covered working area
  • Covered sample and reagent compartment
  • Safety locked

Flexible installation with minim room requirements:

  • Compact : 970 mm x 690mm x 580mm
  • Bench top smart design
  • Stand alone computer
  • Preprogrammed software for plug and play

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Alfa Wassermann supplies a dedicated full line of reagents for the Alfa 600 (ALFA TEST). The combination of the ALFA 600 with its own dedicated full line of reagents, calibrators and controls provides you with a high quality product.

ALFA TEST's menu:

  • Routine clinical chemistry
  • Specific protein assays
  • Diabetic Assays
  • Enzyme Assays
  • Electrolyte Assays
  • Lipid Assays
  • Dedicated calibrators and controls
  • 560 tests per hour
  • Reliable result 24/7
  • A complete solution
  • Turbidimetric, Colorimetric and Potentionmetric assay methods
  • 400 photometric tests per hour
  • 160 ISE test per hour (optional integrated ISE module required)
  • 72 sample positions for primary sample tubes and secondary cups with barcode sample identification
  • 20 positions for QC and Calibrators
  • 60 reagent positions automatically detected through barcode reader
  • Automatic sample dilution
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