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AIA 600

Big System Features in a Compact Benchtop Analyzer

  • Throughput of 60 Results per Hour
  • STAT Assay Results in ~ 18 Minutes
  • Third Generation Sensitivity
  • Primary Tube Sampling
  • Automated Sample Dilution & Pre-treatment
  • Dual Clot Detection
  • Compact Benchtop Size
Tosoh's AIA Reagent Test Cup Technology
  • Unit Dose Test Cup reagent technology requires no
    on-board refrigeration, no pre-mixing and no pre-measuring.
  • Saves time and cost by eliminating errors and waste.
  • Complete test menu.
  • Reagents have a one year shelf life from date of manufacture.

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  • First STAT result is reported in ~ 18 minutes, and additional STAT results are reported every 60 seconds.
  • Additional samples and tests can be added at any time without interrupting sample processing.
  • Once STAT samples are processed, the system resumes standard testing automatically.

Advanced Sample Handling

  • The operator may load barcoded primary tubes or sample cups directly on the system.
  • Up to 5 unit dose test cups can be loaded behind each patient sample.
  • Continuous random access operation.

Simplistic Operation

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Auto dilution/auto pre-treatment.
  • Automated sample level sensing.
  • Automated daily maintenance.
  • Once samples and test cups are loaded, the operator presses START and walks away.

Reliable and Accurate

  • Disposable pipette tips eliminate carryover.
  • Automated sample level sensing for short sample detection.
  • Tosoh's exclusive dual clot detection monitors the specimen at sample processing and again at the wash phase.
  • Barcoded samples allow accurate patient identification without manual worklist entry.
  • Bi-directional interface eliminates operator error and decreases hands-on time.
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