Miltenyi Biotec

Research Area

  • Flow Cytometry Solutions
    MACSQuant® Analyzer 10

    3 lasers, 10 optical channels.
    Multi-sample analysis of up to 96 wells.
  • Flow Cytometry Solutions
    MACSQuant® VYB

    Simultaneous immunophenotyping and
    fluorescent protein analysis.
  • MACS
    Sample Preparation

    The perfect combination for
    your sample dissociation
  • MACS Cell Separation
    autoMACS® Pro Separator

    Fully automated cell separation
    cell isolation with automated labeling
  • MACSmolecular
    MultiMACS™ M96/M96thermo Separators

    Automate your virus
    and biomolecule isolation
Miltenyi Biotec

Clinical Applications

  • CliniMACS System
    CliniMACS Prodigy®

    Offers a unique all-in-one
    solution for cell processing
  • CliniMACS System
    CliniMACS® Plus Instrument

    Versatile platform for
    many cell separation protocols
  • TheraSorb™
    Therapeutic Apheresis

    One platform for
    therapeutic plasma exchange
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