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TRCR Technology

Combination of TRC reaction
(Transcription Reverse transcription Concerted reaction) and INAF Probe (INtercalation Activating Fluorescence probe) achieves real time, one step, rapid and efficient detection of RNA.

In the TRC method, RNA is amplified isothermally. The INAF probe is a DNA oligonucleotide with which an intercalative fluorescence dye is linked, and of which the sequence is complementary to that of the target RNA

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  • 16S rRNA target ( more related to viable cells vs. DNA )
  • Built-in Internal amplification control
  • Closed single tubes eliminating contamination
  • Sensitivity:
    • 87%
    • Detection limit 50 CFU/mL
  • Specificity:
    • 97%
  • 98% NPV ( Negative Predictive Value )


  • Simultaneous amplification and detection with results within 30 minutes
  • Results for 16 decontaminated samples in less than 2,5 hours


  • Isothermal reaction
  • Homogeneous real time detection
  • Ready to use reagents
  • User friendly system


  • No need for batching, up to 16 samples per run
  • Multiple clinical specimen ( pulmonary and extra-pulmonary )
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