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AIA 2000

The AIA - Pack. A unique Concept.

  • Lyophilised reagents allow long AIA-PACK shelf-life
  • 90 days calibration stability
  • Most of the analytes require a 10 minute incubation time, delivering the first result within 20 minutes
  • No risk for contamination or carry-over between samples and reagents:
    • 1 AIA-PACK = 1 test
    • The complete assay (incubation, wash and detection) is carried out in the AIA-PACK.
  • Disposable pipette tips for samples and reagents
  • The single cup per test combined with low volume consumption of reagents reflects Tosoh's enviromental awareness

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  • High throughput: 200 test/hour
  • 20 minutes time-to-first-result compatible with STAT requirements
  • Fast inventory scan (only opened drawers are scanned)
  • Different incubation modules to optimize throughput for a mix of assay formats


  • 960 test cups anboard
  • 576 sample tips onboard
  • 200 sample positions
  • Point-in-space connectivity to any Lab Automation System (LSA)


  • User Friendly, intutive touch screen
  • Fast start-up
  • Automated daily maintenance
  • Software monitoring of inventories and waste volumes


  • Possibility of operating in stand alone mode even if connected to LAS (e.g integrated in KORUS, clinical chemistry/immunochemistry workcell)
  • Continuos loading of samples during routine (10 positions priority rack)
  • Ready for future assay format designs
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