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Economical version of the MS4 range, the MS4e allows to obtain a complete and reliable CBC with 3-part-differential  in 2 minutes only without any superfluity.

NEW : From now on the MS4e has a color screen and an optional built-in printer!

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Main Software Features

    • Result : Displayed on a graphic screen LCD 320x240 dots volumetric histograms for WBC, RBC and THR
    • Printer : External USB printer (optional)
    • Data Storage : up to 100 analysis with histograms in safeguard memory possibility to reprent analysis
    • Language : french, Engilish and a 3rd customized language on request )German, Spanish, Italian, Portugues, etc...)
    • Connections : 1 RS232 mono and/or bidirectional transmission 1 USB port1.1 complaint,
      1 PS1 port


  • With only a drop of whole blood
  • 18 parameters with 3-part-differential :
    • WBC; Lym (%,#); Mon (%,#); Gra (%,#); RBC; MCV; Hct; MCH; MCHC; RDW; Hb; THR, MPV; Pct; PDW
  • 3 histograms :
    • WBC, RBC and THR
  • 3 pre-programmed digital data banks :
    • Male, Female, New-Born.
  • 1 control bank and 2 programmable banks
  • 3-level control blood management program
  • Color Screen
  • Built-in printer (optional)
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